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Language Access Plan Add-Ons

Dedicated Bilingual Agents

Increase the size of your bilingual staff without increasing your budget. 

bilingual agents

Typical Applications

  • Call Centers

LEP Call-In Line

Mostly Used By

  • Attorneys

  • First Responders

  • Government Agencies

  • Healthcare Systems

  • Field Service Workers

  • Walk-in/Lobby locations

lep call-in line

Empower your limited English Proficient (LEP) clients to access your services whenever they want. With an LEP Call-In line, your client will be able to connect to an interpreter in his or her native language first and then connect to your staff. 

Volatia makes this process so easy that anyone can use the service. The LEP client will simply call a number we assign to your account, select his or her language (or press 0 for help), after which the interpreter will connect  him or her to the desired individual in your organization. 

Over the phone interpretng

Mostly Used By

  • Educational Institutions

  • Field Service Workers

  • Government Agencies

  • Healthcare Systems

  • Law Firms

  • Utility Companies

LEP Guides

In addition to an LEP Call-In Line, you can now offer a dedicated interpreter to any Client or a group of Clients. This solution is a great service  whenever any of the following is true: 


  • The individual(s) need access to the same interpreter for all or most of the their language needs.

  • Familiarization of previous interpreted sessions is required or preferred

  • A bilingual point of contact is needed between your organization and the Client. 

Volatia provides LEP Guides in all of the languages we support