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Audiovisual Translation Services

Professional voice-over services

Unleash the power of your videos or films by converting them into the languages your customers understand. This solutions will allow you to reach a global audience in more than 280 languages.

Volatia allows you to select between male and female voices to ensure that that your video maintains the same flavor. 

Transcription is the process in which speech or audio is converted into a written, plain text document. Transcripts are the output of transcription, and because they are plain text there is no time information attached to it.

There are two main transcription practices: verbatim and clean read. Verbatim transcribes the audio word-for-word and includes all utterances and sound effects, great for scripted speech like a TV show, movie, or skit. Clean read is a text format that excludes speech errors, filler words, and any other non-intentional utterances from the speaker. This practice is helpful for interviews, public speaking events, and other non-scripted media.

Volatia combines automation technologies with the most advance transcription workflow solutions, enabling you to seamlessly access your projects and communicate your needs as they change.

transcription services
video subtitles translation

Subtitles and captions are both texts displayed on a video to provide additional or interpretive information for viewers who are deaf, hard of hearing, or limited in their understanding of the source language. Even so, there are subtle differences,

Subtitles can be in the same language as the video or translated into another language. Captions, however, only refer to subtitles that are in the same language as the spoken video. When it comes to translated video, those are called “subtitles,” same as commonly used worldwide.

Volatia provides subtitles for video or film content of any size and for any industry. Based on the setting, this service can be a scheduled project or an on-demand solution for your live video meetings.