Directory of Language Access Sponsors

There are many communication resources in most communities throughout the United States for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have limited English proficiency (LEP). Unfortunately, many of these individuals are not aware of the services that exist to help them. To raise awareness of the need for equitable language access programs, Volatia has created this directory of language access sponsors.


Language Access Sponsors are organizations that have pledged to use their influence to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture in their community. Therefore, sponsoring a language access program is one way to express an organization’s commitment to these values. For every sponsor, Volatia donates an LEP call-in line to a school or any non-profit organization of the sponsor’s choice. Watch this one minute video to learn how an LEP Call-In Line bridges language barriers.

Registration as a sponsor has no financial requirements. The organization simply adds its voice to the list of businesses and leaders who support equitable language access solutions, wherever applicable. Organizations and Individuals who choose to donate funds can do so. 100% of all financial donations will directly pay for language interpretation and translation services for the school(s) or non-profit organization(s) of your choice.




  • Improve employee morale, recruitment, and retention by supporting and giving back to the communities you serve.

  • Receive a language access sponsorship seal for your website.

  • Receive an LEP Call-In Line to donate ($4500 Value) or use if you belong to a school system, government agency, healthcare system, or non-profit entity.

  • Increase market share by demonstrating your commitment to, and support of, diversity, equity, and inclusion.


To see the name and contact information of each organization, simply select or click on the industry of your interest and then choose the state and county of your preference.


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