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Diversity & Inclusion Solutions


Everyone in your organization has the ability to transform their life and the experiences within. Hence, Volatia's diversity and inclusion workshops are desired to activate the desire to become a change agent, to nourish those who are already committed, and to facility growth at every touch point.


The topics covered are customized to the needs of your organization and can be presented within any specified time frame. Attendees are encouraged to participate in activities and openly expresses their successes, challenges, or barriers.


A great measure of effort is made to ensure confidentiality of all information shared during the learning environment. When sensitive information needs to be shared, a coach is assigned for a more private experience.

diversity and inclusion services

The ability to normalize new behaviors depends, largely, on your organization’s commitment to educate and train its people. Furthermore, the education must be provided with a uniformed approach.


This method ensures that the entire team uses common terminology, recognizes signs or symptoms of certain environments, and reacts in a predicable manner.

To that end, Volatia’s educational programs are designed to ensure that all are aware of the message, fully understand their role, engaged and committed to act, and accept the accountability for behaviors in their realm of responsibility.

diversity and incusion training
Diversity and inclusion coaching


In the words of Bill Gates, “Everyone needs a coach." For real growth to occur, one must consistently receive feedback on his or her performance. This is especially true when it comes to cultural change and inclusive behaviors. One's opinions can be so flawed and yet he or she will continue to believe that it is everyone else who need to change or accept reality.


Hence, the need for a coach cannot be overstated. Volatia's diversity and inclusion coaches facilitate the development of personal or professional objectives. These coaches do not provide you with answers to a challenge or even tell you what to do. Rather, they act as a facilitator to help you ask better questions, provide guidance while you create a plan, define outcomes, and constantly experiment to move your thinking forward. In this way, the transformation yields real and lasting personal growth.

Keynote Speeches

The keynote speech is tailored to the needs of your organization and is designed to inspire and motivate your team to be more inclusive in their daily behaviors. 


The speaker will engage your audience and take your team on a journey of self-discovery. The principles learned will help all to leave the event determined and empowered to be a force for good.

diversity and inclusion keynote speeches