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Regardless of how long you have been in business, your brand has room for growth. To unleash the potential of your language company, your business must have the resources necessary to support and lead your market as it evolves. To achieve this, many organizations turn to mergers, acquisitions, or form a strategic partnership. Volatia’s affiliate program is the ideal partnership model for any language organization looking to scale without giving up its brand. Take a careful look at your business model and see if any of the growth inhibitors noted below are true in your case. If so, you are the ideal strategic partner.

Regional Focus

Dominating a certain regional market comes a with several benefits. However,  even when a business has achieved regional market dominance, a marketing strategy that only focuses on one region results in tunnel vision; ultimately causing the organization to miss out on countless opportunities. A simple chart of where your clients are located can identify whether your organization has fallen prey to the regional focus strategy. If so, does your current sales and marketing team know how to enter new markets? Do you have the resources necessary to support new clients?  Are your systems designed to scale? ​

If the answer to any of these question is NO, then forming a strategic partnership with Volatia can help you grow by providing the resources necessary to successfully enter and thrive in new markets. ​

Poor Brand Management

In a world where consumers judge a brand and make buying decisions within seconds, everything you communicate to your clients must be intentional and specifically designed to achieve a certain purpose. Each transaction or interaction that you have with your clients or prospects must demonstrate brand integrity. For example, what impression does it give your clients when they access your services through a platform or mobile application that does not have your company branding? Unfortunately, for most language companies, both the software applications they use and the partnerships they have in order to support phone and video interpretation services are structured in a way that causes brand confusion or limits their brand value. In essence, each transaction provides some or all of the brand recognition to another company instead of their own. Volatia has solved this dilemma by creating a platform and mobile applications that respect and maintain the brand integrity of our affiliates.

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Join forces and disrupt the industry

With the current state of globalization, the language industry has never been more ripe. If any of the elements above apply to your organization, we invite you to learn more about the benefits of becoming an affiliate of Volatia, a decision that will position you on the cutting edge of a rapidly changing industry. A strategic partnership with Volatia has the potential to double or triple your current growth rate, create hundreds of jobs, and result in synergic outcomes that will impact every aspect of your business operations.


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Territorial Mindset

Every language company has worked very hard to create a database of interpreters and translators who match the qualifications needed by their clients. Many guard these resources as proprietary assets. From a leadership perspective, however, this territorial approach is detrimental to the organization and the industry as a whole. For example, when an interpreter or translator who has a rare language combination does not receive enough work, he or she moves on to another job in another industry. Then the company that recruited this interpreter reaches out months later when they have an assignment, only to learn that the interpreter is no longer an available resource. The once believed to be an asset ends up being a liability. This never-ending cycle has been felt by nearly all language companies on the market today. Imagine your growth potential if you shared your interpreters and translators with other language companies and were compensated for having recruited or trained these linguists. Better yet, imagine the joy of creating more work opportunities for interpreters and translators; especially those who support rare language combinations.

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Silo Systems

There is nothing more frustrating in the workplace than systems that don’t communicate to one another across platforms. Worldwide, language companies use systems that are silos. For example, when a language company in New York city needs an interpreter for a client in San Diego,  that company often must either recruit or contact other language companies in the area by phone or email. Even when an interpreter is found through one of these means, the process to onboard the interpreter is still time consuming and not cost effective. Imagine the growth potential if your organization had access to qualified interpreters and translators in any market. Think of how productive your workforce would be if they used a platform designed to break the silo framework of the language industry.

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