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Scaling Your Language Company for Continued Success

Volatia thrives on scalability

Your business is out of the starting gate and racing toward a sustainable stride. You're heavily weighing how to reduce operational costs without stunting growth in global markets and across new industries. You need the most optimized level of visibility into every Key Performance Indicator, and you could only benefit from free added incentives. As a Volatia Affiliate Partner or Product/Service Reseller, your company will kick into high gear by adding to your successful mix of service offerings, a free white label mobile application, custom-configured to grant tailored access to terpX™ Volatia's advanced, automated, cloud-based interpreter management and work order scheduling platform.  

Join forces and disrupt the industry

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Volatia affiliate partner, a decision that will position you on the leading edge of a rapidly changing industry. A strategic partnership with Volatia has the potential to double or triple your current growth rate, slash your buy rate by as much as 50%, create jobs in your local area, and result in outcomes that will impact every aspect of your business operations.


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Complex Ordering and Reporting 

To scale for complexity, terpX enables your clients to perform bulk scheduling by replicating an interpreter services work order or setting an order as recurring, to be fulfilled on an ongoing basis. When an order is replicated, unlimited duplicates of the order are sent to different connected offices, departments, or facilities that an LEP individual travels to. Replicated orders can also be set as recurring appointments. Each of your client's agency facilities will have greater order visibility and receive and be able to plan for these recurring appointments.  

Reducing Costly Scheduling Errors

Reducing scheduling errors is a function of terpX's dynamic build-out. The Work Order scheduling interface allows your clients to reduce errors by fine-tuning order information and defining work order settings at a granular level, to include: Worksite Facility, Cost Center ID, Department, Suite, Floor, or Room #, Service Type, LEP/Recipient Name, LEP/Recipient ID or D.O.B,, Language Request, Service Date and Time, Service Provider, Interpreter Preferences, and by Special Instructions.