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If I were to summarize what I like most about Volatia: it is their willingness to listen to our needs and their technological innovations that are so ahead of the other options on the market. I needed to find a way that what I did was replicable and scalable, and that's what Volatia has provided me.

Jody Sparks

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I can't imagine taking back all the responsibilities that I used to have before terpX and the customer service add-on. My business has more than tripled our revenues and picked up larger clients and the best part, the support team at Volatia feels like my own team.

Trisha Regan

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I love how easy it is to work with everyone at Volatia. new features are added to terpX all the time and I can request custom options at no additional cost to me...something that many other companies promise but often fail to deliver.

Ricardo Márquez

Tax Documents

Eliminate end-of-year hassle of getting tax forms ready. Interpreters dimply download their 1099 whenever they want.

Call Center

Enable your interpreters to take and process ondemand interpreter requests for phone (OPI) or Video (VRI) interpretation.


Set the distance that an interpreter can drive for onsite work orders.

Certification Mapping

Upload certifications and training records to ensure that interpreters only receive work orders of which they are qualified to fulfill.

Report Center

Complete visibility of all completed, scheduled, and pending work orders. Historical payment data is also available to ensure transparency and accountability.

Work Order Management

Tired of calling, emailing, or texting your interpreters? Simply allow them to engage with your interpreter management system directly and watch them accept, decline, enter their start and end times, and even give feedback on work orders; all without you in the middle.

Interpreter Portal

Secure access from anywhere on any internet-powered device.

Real-time Notifications

Instant text and email notifications to interpreters whenever there is an available work order of which they qualify or if a change is made to a work order that an interpreter has already been assigned.

terpX for your


terpX Add-Ons


Translation Solutions

Never turn another translation project down because of size or time restraints.


Background Checks

Seamlessly conduct background checks on interpreters and staff


Customer Service Support

Live U.S. based customer service agents at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of recruiting, managing, and retaining personnel.


The cost of your interpreter management system must be designed to scale. terpX subscriptions allow you to only pay for what you need and upgrade or downgrade at any time as the circumstances of your business change.


Essentials Package


Every plan can be customized to meet your needs while remaining the most affordable interpreter management system on the market.

OPI Rates as low as


Start growing your phone interpretation (OPI) business with a partner that will work with you to win large contracts at rates that can compete against the larger players in the industry.

VRI Rates as low as


Video (VRI) is the fastest growing segment of OnDemand interpretation. Build your own call center with the overflow support of Volatia's network that supports more than 280 languages, including sign language(s) on demand.

LEP Call-In Lines

Be among the few language companies that have the ability to offer a bi-directional language access program.

Compliance Management

Set all of your clients requirements and have complete faith that only qualified resources will be dispatched and assigned to work order orders

Interpretation Management System (IMS)

Being able to access your interpreter's contact information or send them automated messages is not good enough. Streamline the onboarding process and long-term management of interpreters with the ability to access and review historical performance and client feedback on every interpreter profile.

Interpreter Scheduling System (ISS)

Create work orders that are automatically matched with the most qualified interpreters while maintaining the control to override the system. In the manual mode, terpX still gives you recommendations based on parameters such as distance, client preferences, certifications, and any other requirement set on the Client's profile.

Phone & Video Interpretation

Support phone (OPI) and video (VRI) interpreter services ondemand 24/7/365. terpX allows your to cover calls for languages in which you have your own interpreters and to overflow to Volatia's network of more than 18,000 interpreters if your interpreters are already on calls or offline. This model allows your organization to support more than 280 languages ondemand and scale your staffing as your business grows.

Mobile Applications

Does your mobile application represent your brand or provide free marketing for your current technology provider? You can now have your own mobile applications with your logo and brand searchability in both the apple and google stores. This feature alone is a key factor in scaling your brand and securing your place in the market.

Client Billing

No more exporting reports for billing purposes. terpX allows you to invoice your clients for both the scheduled and ondemand interpreter services. You can invoice all of your clients in less than 1 minute.

Interpreter Payments

Say goodbye to writing checks or manually sending payments to your bank. Simply review the breakdown of payments for every work order process in a given pay period. Once approved, all payments are direct-deposited in the bank account(s) of the interpreter(s) on the scheduled date.

Client Management

Extend beyond the basic settings of client profile to unique customizations that allow your clients to access and leverage usage reports. All client profile are designed to given in-depth views of historical, present, and future needs.

Work Order Management

From the basic functions of creating, editing, cancelling, or reassigning work orders to complex features of qualification matching, client preference notifications, record stamp tracking, and much more.

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Real-time Communications

No more back and forth emails or voicemails regarding a work order. Any edits, cancellations, or comments added by your clients are instantly communicated to your staff and the interpreter(s).

360 Interpreter Performance Feedback

Demonstrate your commitment to quality by allowing your clients to privately give immediate feedback to you about an interpreter's performance.

Web & Mobile Applications

Give your clients the most user-friend web and mobile applications to access scheduled and on-demand interpreters.

Unlimited Users

Empower all of your clients to enter their own work orders, make changes, cancel their requests, provide feedback to the interpreter, and do so much more.

Report Center

Show your clients a picture of their efforts through custom reports; all designed to engage the decision makers by shining a light on their needs and opportunities.

Internal & External Interpreter Management

Increase loyalty with your clients by by making it possible for for them leverage their own interpreters first before activating your interpreters.

terpX for your


How long is the contract to use terpX

The service agreement can be as long as 3 years and as little as 30 days. No cancellation fees.

How long does it take to get help ?

All emergencies are addresses live as they come in. Any non-urgent request receives a response within one business day.

Can I import transactions from our current system into terpX

Yes. You simply need your transaction on a CSV (Excel) file so we can match your current work order details to the right fields in terpX.

Can I invoice my clients in terpX?

Yes. No need to export transactions ever again. terpX allows you to email all of your clients within seconds. You can also generate in PDF or CSV (Excel) for print.

Can I use our own interpreters to answer OPI and VRI calls?

Yes. Calls are only answered by Volatia if your interpreter(s) are marked offline or are already active on a call.

Does terpX allow me to process OnDemand OPI & VRI calls?

Yes. Your clients will be able to access Ondemand interpreters by phone, web, or mobile application.


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