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Elizabeth Hord
Director │ Operations
elizabeth hord
Lynda McNutt Foster
Director │ Business Development
lynda mcnutt foster
clark worthy
Clark Worthy
General Counsel│ Legal
baraka kasongo
Baraka Kasongo

Baraka is a transformational leader who has achieved a tremendous record of success in various aspects of his life. He demonstrates an exceptional ability to lead, innovate, and pioneer new paths through his collaborative nature. His passion for bridging language and cultural barriers is fueled by his experience of being a refugee in five different countries for a period of seven years.


Baraka founded Volatia to be the means through which he can mitigate linguistic and cultural disparities that exist in every community throughout the United States and around the world. He serves on numerous boards that focus on creating and fostering diversity and inclusion at every point of contact.


Baraka holds an MBA from Liberty University, a Bachelor of science in Management & Leadership from Bluefield College, an associate of applied science in Emergency Management from Frederick Community College, and is certified as a Green Belt Lean Six Sigma practitioner through Virginia Tech.

Becky Tweedy
Director │ Marketing
becky tweedy
chris west
Chris West
Team Lead │ Marketing
Anna Hirshfield
Team lead│ Customer Service

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