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Would you like to reduce your cost for phone or video interpretation services? Are you tired of reselling for a partner that has NOT demonstrated their ability to customize your rate structure(s) in a way that helps you win contracts?  Would you like to add features like an LEP Call-In to every account you have? If so, Volatia may be your ideal partner. Apply to start the conversation.

Reseller Program

Whether you are starting or growing your language company, by becoming an affiliate, your organization will leverage Volatia’s technological infrastructure and global network of linguists to achieve consistent and reliable growth. The affiliate program includes every benefit that resellers have plus a host of other features that are designed to give your organization a competitive advantage. Apply to start the conversation​

Affiliate Program

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Start or Grow Your Language Company

In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself

Whether you want to start or need to grow your language company,  Volatia can open doors to limitless growth opportunities regardless of the business development phase that you are in. 

First and foremost, your business needs a strong foundation, a technological infrastructure of systems that help you and your business to consistently provide reliable language solutions.​

Take a moment to browse this page and learn how Volatia’s technology and global network of resources can help you and your business reach current and future goals​.

Each interpreter has his or her own profile. Key features include:​

  1. Profile picture​

  2. Contact information​

  3. Payment rate structure​

  4. Work performance records​

  5. Certifications and training records​

  6. Geographic work boundaries (when applicable)​

Interpreter Profile Management​

Scheduling System​​

Your staff or your clients can schedule an interpreter in-person, phone, or video. Key features include:​

  1. Text and email notifications​

  2. Match interpreter qualifications to client requirements​

  3. Where applicable, notify resources based on geographic boundaries. ​

  4. Set interpreter(s) as the preferred resource(s) for certain assignments ​

Interpreters Payments

Enjoy a complete payment automation system that seamlessly calculates payments based on the unique payment structures that you have created for each interpreter. Key features include:​

  1. Interpreter payment history​

  2. Direct deposit interpreter payments (NO MORE CHECKS).​

  3. Pay any rate with any minimums and at any duration increment ​

  4. Interpreters can view and download their 1099 forms at any time.​

Client Billing

No more exporting reports from one system to another just to send one invoice. Seamlessly invoice all your clients with a click of a button. Key features include:​

  1. Set any desired billing structure​

  2. Ability to set and invoice by division  ​

  3. Client access to mobile and online invoice reports​


Eliminate waste and improve productivity by sharing resources. No need to recruit interpreters or translators in a new market. Simply submit your work order and all qualified linguists that match the qualifications criteria, set on each client profile, will have access to that assignment. Key features include:​

  1. Profile picture ​

  2. Work performance records​

  3. Complete background checks​

  4. Certifications and training records​


No language company can guarantee enough work to the ever-growing number of interpreters and translators in rare languages. By sharing resources throughout the network, every affiliate contributes to the creation of jobs and careers for interpreters and translators that would otherwise be unemployed. Key features include:​

  1. Increased workforce morale​

  2. Reliable support for rare languages​

  3. Industry workforce retention innovations

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications help your business to market and grow your company brand. As an affiliate, you can have your own custom mobile applications in both Apple and Google stores within two weeks! These applications render the most user-friendly experience when compared to others in the language industry. Key features include:​

  1. On-demand OPI & VRI​

  2. 280+ Languages Supported​

  3. Schedule phone, video, or in-person appointment​

  4. Clients have usage reports and can view, edit, cancel, or give feedback on any work order.​

spanish interpreter mobile app

Customer Service

Your brand requires live customer service agents whenever your clients have questions or need help. Never miss a call or send your clients to voicemail. Simply add our network customer service agents to your team, either as the primary or overflow support for your business.  Each call or email to your organization is answered by U.S based professional customer service agents who are trained to serve your clients.  Key features include:

  1. Calls are answered within 3 rings

  2. Email responses within 15 minutes

  3. Scalable support regardless of call volume ​

  4. Available during normal and non-business hours

  5. Cost less than 50-75% of what you would pay to staff the same position(s)