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volatia language network

When schools systems have reliable access to substitute teachers and subs have the freedom to choose what and when they teach, more classes are covered and student learning stays on track.

terpX, Volatia's proprietary platform, functions as a marketplace that connects schools to a network of subs in new and innovative ways.

Find a Tutor for Your Child

How It Works

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Instant Notification

Send a single request that instantly notifies all of the "qualified" and fully vetted substitute teachers or tutors in your area

End-To-End Support

From recruitment to payroll, and everything in between, Volatia Customer Service Agents support you at every touchpoint.

Share Your Passion

Enjoy the blessing of impacting the future by sharing your knowledge. 

 Become a Successful Substitute Teacher

Transforming the way K-12 schools and substitute teachers connect.

Growth Opportunities

Improve your Skills as an Educator

No matter your background, your abilities can always be sharpened. Your relationship manager will provide ongoing feedback on how you are doing.


As you demonstrate your leadership abilities or protentional, you may be chosen to serve as a mentor or Relationship Manager to help develop a new generation of teachers.

Teach on Your Terms

Browse available jobs and accept jobs based on the factors that matter most to you.


You will also receive text and email notifications when work assignments that align with your preferences or whenever you are specifically requested by a Client.

Work Life Balance

Work-life balance is easy to achieve with Volatia. Take on a long-term position or choose a new assignment every day. Work every day in a week or just a few.

Service Area

Our substitute teachers are available on demand in all 50 States. Other Countries are supported on a project basis.


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