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Phone Interpreting (OPI)

All you need is a phone and you can easily connect to an interpreter in any language within seconds. ​Once we've created an account for you, you will be given an access code that you can use to connect to an interpreter on-demand 24/7/365. For ease of access, download our mobile app and connect to an interpreter in a click of a button.

Video Interpreting (VRI)

Video interpreters help you capture non-verbal communications and are a great solution when serving individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing through sign language(s). Volatia has simplified access to video interpreters to a click of a button. In the top right-hand corner of this website, click login or simply download our mobile app in the apple or google stores.

Virtual Platform Interpreting (VPI)

Virtual Interpreting refers to interpreter services provided through a 3rd party application such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc. and thus require a scheduled appointment with the interpreter. Simply contact us to create a work order and provide us a link. This service has become a standard for conferences or large events that require virtual interpreters.

Onsite Interpreting (OSI)

Onsite interpreting, also known as in-person or face-to-face interpreting, is when a language interpreter is scheduled to meet a client at a given location to bridge a language barrier. ​Volatia provides interpreters in-person in over 280 languages, including Sign Language(s). Schedule your next in-person interpreter with Volatia.

Documents Translation

Almost every business communicates a great measure of their marketing or service deliverables in writing. It is a best practice to translate this information in the languages that reaches the audiences you serve. Volatia provides free translation estimates on any project and can meet strict deadlines.

Subtitles and captions

Subtitles can be in the same language as the video or translated into another language. Captions, however, only refer to subtitles that are in the same language as the spoken video. When it comes to translated video, those are called “subtitles,” same as commonly used worldwide.

Transcription Services

Volatia supports the two main transcription (audio to text) practices: verbatim and clean read. Verbatim transcribes the audio word-for-word and includes all utterances and sound effects. Clean read is a format that excludes speech errors, filler words, and any other non-intentional utterances from the speaker.

Voice-Over Translation

Volatia provides translated voice-over for any audio message(s) that need to be communicated into other languages. The begins with an accurate translation of the source message followed by a recording of the audio message into the target language. Every effort is made to use a voice that matches the gender in the original message.

Translation Services

Professional Language Solutions

The world is becoming more connected than any other time in human history. Leaders in every industry acknowledge the need to serve their customers, patients, or students in the language that effectively communicate the desired outcome. That is equity in action.


Our language solutions combine the incredible capabilities of our interpreters and translators with our technology innovations to seamlessly meet the demands that face our Clients. This results in services that are reliable and affordable.

Translation Memory (TM)

Never translate something twice...especially if you are paying for it. A translation memory (TM) is basically a database of previously translated segments for CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools. Translation memories reduce the price for clients when new translation assignments contain repetitive content from previous translations. TM also reduces the time required to finish a project.


TM works at the sentence level. CAT tools break down source documents into component sentences or segments. The segment is the smallest reusable chunk of text. Words are not used for this purpose because different contexts require different translations.

As the translator works, the current segment is compared to those in the translation memory, and if it has something very similar, the CAT tool will automatically show this to the translator. Identical source segments are called 100% matches. This means that somebody in the past had already translated that exact segment. There are also 101% and 102% matches, which means that not only the current segment, but also one or both segments before and/or after it are the same as stored in this TM entry. Matches below 100% are called fuzzy matches. These are ranked from 0% to 99%. A 99% match means that the segments differ by at least one character. Matches below 70% are often considered useless and might not show up, depending on the settings.

We make translation affordable

How To Work With An Interpreter

It can be challenging to communicate through an interpreter, especially if it is your first time or you don't do it often.  Knowing these six industry best practices can help you communicate through an interpreter with ease and  in a way that achieves the desired outcome.

Do you guarantee Equitable Communications?

With Volatia's technology, anyone calling your organization is able to connect to an interpreter of his or her native language first, and then connect to your staff. 

Affordable Language Solutions 

24 / 7 / 365

Service Availability


Annual Client Satisfaction Rating

Open An Account

Customize and manage the cost of your language access and/or DEI program 


Annual Plan

The plan is designed for organizations and individuals with a set budget for language services and generally offers more services for less because of the price commitment and early payment. 

Pay-As-You Go

Only pay for what you use. The pay as-you-go model is designed for organizations and individuals who have no dedicated budget for language services or those who do not know how often the services will be needed. 

Hybrid Plan

The Hybrid option is designed for organizations and individuals who want the benefit of the lower pricing that comes with the annual plan but don't have enough budget to cover their annual needs. Once their budget is spent, a pay-as you-go model is then implemented.

Keynote Speeches

The keynote speech is tailored to the needs of your organization and is designed to inspire and motivate your team to be more inclusive in their daily behaviors.

The speaker will engage your audience and take your team on a journey of self-discovery. The principles learned will help all to leave the event determined and empowered to be a force for good.


Everyone in your organization has the ability to transform their life and the experiences within. Hence, Volatia's diversity and inclusion workshops are designed to activate the desire to become a change agent, to nourish those who are already committed, and to facility growth in those who still have pause. Thus, the topics covered are customized to the needs of your organization and can be presented within any specified time frame. Attendees are encouraged to participate in activities and openly expresses their successes, challenges, or barriers.


Volatia's DEI coaches facilitate the development of personal or professional objectives. They do not provide you with answers to a challenge or even tell you what to do. Rather, they act as a facilitator to help you ask better questions, provide guidance while you create a plan, define outcomes, and constantly experiment to move your thinking forward. This approach yields real and lasting growth.

Program Courses

The ability to normalize new behaviors depends, largely, on your organization’s commitment to educate and train its people. Furthermore, the education must be provided with a uniformed approach. This method ensures that the entire team uses common terminology, recognizes signs or symptoms of certain environments, and reacts in a predicable manner. Simply put, all must be aware of the message, engaged and committed to act, fully understand their role, and accept the accountability for behaviors in their realm of responsibility.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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