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This grant allows organizations to implement a bi-directional language access program. The grant covers the initial implmentation cost and the monthly subscrition expenses assoicated with each line. 

 Interpreter Services Grant

Volatia's interpreter services grant was designed to help qulifying organizations that have budget limitations with a portion of the cost. The grant covers 25 - 50% of the cost.

Consulting Services Grant

Many organizations know they have a need for a language access program but have limited resources to clearly define the scope or the framework that will yield the desired outcomes. 

The consulting grant covers the cost for a full assessment of your organization needs and to establish benchmarks by which the program effectiveness will be measured after implimentation. 

terpX Grant

terpX, is the most advanced and comprehensive cloud based interpreter management and scheduling platform; with mobile applications that are incredibly user-friendly. This grant is designed to assist organizations who have their own in-house interpreters or bilingual staff who can be used to support language access operations. The grant can also be used by affiliate LSPs to help cover the costs of white-labeled mobile applications. 

Available Grants

Language Access Grants

Volatia is committed to fostering a spirit of giving back as a measure of demonstrating our appreciation for our incredible success story and the many blessings we cherish. To that end, we invite you to explore the grants available and take advantage of our community support initiates. We are confident that our grants will add value to your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. 

Confirm Eligibility

The purpose of our grants is to assist organizations who present with budgetary limitations in their efforts to foster or increase diversity, equity, and inclusion. While every application is considered on its merit, most of our grants are given to school systems and non-profit organizations.

Apply Online

The application process is very simple. Simply click here to complete an online application or send an email to grants@volatia.com with information about your organization, current demands for language acess,  current solutions, and the projected impact of the grant both to the communities you serve and to your organization.

Plant An Awareness Compain

Once the LEP Lines are set up, the organization must produce a press release  and and showcase this program to various media outlets as a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiative for the communities you serve. It is a also a best practice to send out a formal communication must to your existing LEP clients as part of your awareness compain. 

Provide Testimonial

Upon request, the grant awardee shall provide a testimonial to Volatia in writing or as a recorded video. The testimonial shall convey the impact of the program to internal and external stakeholders. By accepting the grant, the awardee acknowledges and concents to the use of testimonials in Volatia's marketing materials. 

Grant Requirements