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volatia language network

Experience The Difference

Our culture is one that celebrates every small achievement and views each interaction as an opportunity to improve, streamline processes, eliminate waste, and build meaningful connections.

We thrive because our innovations, born of creative hard work, are making a difference in the community at a time.

To that end, we guarantee satisfaction on every project Volatia supports. If you are not satisfied, we will provide another session of the equivalent value at no cost to you.


Our vision is a world with no language barriers.


Our mission is to faithfully bridge language barriers


Worldwide, cultural and systemic barriers limit access to essential services and create enormous disparities. Volatia exists to help create a more equitable world for every community.

Secret Sauce

In the hands of a good cook, basic ingredients produce an aroma that instantly activate your taste buds and awakens your appetite. Our leadership model recognizes every member of the Volatia team as a unique ingredient to the recipe for our innovations and the incredible impact we are making every day.

Business Worthiness


We accept full responsibility for our decisions, actions, and results.


We are honest, ethical, and trustworthy.


We use the flame of creativity to shed light on ideas from which our innovations are born.


We acknowledge and strive to show due regard for the thoughts, feelings, backgrounds, and experiences of others.

Core Values

Snap Shot

Founded In






Hrs of Operation

24 / 7 / 365

Education Institutions

School systems are able to increase participation from parents and guardians through the use of professional interpreters and translators, resulting in equitable learning outcomes for their students.

Government Agencies

At every level of government, interpreters and translators are the key to engaging everyone and ensuring that all stakeholders have equitable access to notifications and delivery of services available to them.

Healthcare Systems

Healthcare systems that guarantee professional medical interpreters and translators increase accuracy, reduce risk, improve patient satisfaction, and support better health for their communities.

Legal Entities

Law firms and court systems can ensure compliance by providing communications that are appropriate for each individual through the use of professional legal interpreters and translators.

Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions must ensure that their clients understand loan or service terms and repayment requirements.

Utility Companies

A language access program helps Utility companies to easily set up service or support appointments, handle disputes, or provide customer service in a manner that does not frustrate their customers and stress their staff.

Insurance Agencies

A language access program helps insurance companies to provide coverage that is tailored to the true needs of their customers.

Nonprofit Organizations

Language barriers affect the brand of nonprofit businesses by limiting their impact. Interpreters and translators are the answer to equitable communications.

Our Clientele

Our Service Plans

Customize and manage the cost of our Solutions to meet your budget's needs


Annual Plan

The plan is designed for organizations and individuals with a set budget for our solutions and generally offers more services for less because of the price commitment and early payment. 

Pay As-You-Go

Only pay for what you use. The pay as-you-go model is designed for organizations and individuals who have no dedicated budget for our solutions or those who do not know how often the services will be needed. 


The Hybrid option was designed for organizations and individuals who want the benefit of lower pricing that comes with the annual plan but don't have enough budget to cover their annual needs. Once their budget is spent, a pay-as you-go model is then implemented.

Our Founder & CEO

Baraka Kasongo is a transformational leader who has achieved a tremendous record of success in various aspects of his life. He has an exceptional ability to lead, innovate, and pioneer new paths through his collaborative nature. His passion for bridging cultural and systemic barriers is fueled by his experience of being a refugee in five different countries for a period of seven years.

Baraka founded Volatia to be the means through which he can mitigate language, cultural, and systemic disparities that exist in every community throughout the United States and around the world. He serves on numerous boards that focus on creating and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion at every point of contact.

Baraka holds an MBA from Liberty University, a Bachelor of science in Management & Leadership from Bluefield College, an associate of applied science in Emergency Management from Frederick Community College, and is certified as a Green Belt Lean Six Sigma practitioner through Virginia Tech.





















New Hampshire 

New Mexico

North Dakota 




Rhode Island 

South Carolina 




West Virginia



Service Area

Phone and video interpretation services as well as all the document translation solutions are available to clients worldwide. In-person interpreter services are only supported in the United States.

Director of Operations 

Elizabeth Hord

Elizabeth oversees all company operations and relationships. Her primary goal is to ensure that all of our interactions and processes represent our core values and fulfill our mission. Elizabeth thus interacts with virtually all of our affiliates and clients.

Operations Manager

Joshua Kasongo

Joshua leads an incredibly talented team of dedicated Volatians. He is responsible for quality assurance of all transactions that are supported by our customer service team as well as all personnel in the field and in our call centers.

Proposal Manager

Jessica Kent

Jessie is the head of our proposal division. In additional to participating in numerous business development initiatives, Jessie coordinates Volatia's responses to RFPs (requests for proposals), RFIs (request for information), and RFQs (requests for quotes). 

General Counsel

Clark Worthy

Clark overseers Volatia legal matters and ensures full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

Translation Manager

Mia Magana

Mia coordinates and manages all translation personnel and the corresponding transactions. Mia's focus is to ensure that every translation provided by Volatia is as faithful as possible, rendering the translated message in the same light as the original.

Business Dev. Manager

Neal Howard

Neal leads our business growth initiatives. Having honorably served in the United States Marine Corps, he brings the values of integrity, leadership, and service to every aspect of his life. Neal has a knack for asking the right questions and is a great listener, enriching his ability to connect the dots between our solutions and the the true needs of our clients.

Executive Assistant

Daisy Duchess

Daisy is responsible for boosting employee morale and making sure we remember to pause and connect.

Chief Volatians

Leadership at Volatia is not explained, it is exemplified. These Volatians care about each member of our team and take the lead in demonstrating love and kindness in every interaction we have with one another. We are united by the passion we share to help others and the desire to make an impact in everything we do. 

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