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We are thrilled to announce that Volatia has won the national contract to provide translation services, interpretation management systems, and related products services via the GOVMVMT Cooperative Agreement. This National Contract (#ADMN2400414), effective as of March 29, 2024, not only ensures compliance with procurement requirements for all 50 states and U.S. territories but also provides negotiated cost savings and a streamlined purchasing process for eligible entities.

Harness Collective Buying Strength with GovMVMT’s Innovative Solutions

Cooperative Power

Savings for all

By leveraging collective buying power, GovMVMT provides access to competitively solicited contracts for a wide range of products and services, ensuring compliance, transparency, and substantial cost savings for all participating entities.

Empowering Public Procurement

GOVMVMT is a cooperative purchasing program that was developed and continues to be operated by Innovative Government Services Association (IGSA); a nonprofit organization that facilitates administrative and procurement services for public agencies across the United States.

Adminstrative Support

GovMVMT's administrative role across the agreements that result from a relationship with Volatia, ensures streamlined procurement processes, consistency, and compliance for all participating entities. Ultimately, this contract opportunity will reduce complexity and maximize resource utilization across your procurement activities.

Contract Benefits

Competitive Pricing

Best pricing model with no minimum purchase requirements


 Experiences that accommodate your unique needs.


Simplified procurement for user-friendly solutions


Access to all interpretation and translation services

Contracted Services 

Phone Interpretation (OPI)

All you need is a phone and you can easily connect to an interpreter in any language within seconds. ​Once we've created an account for you, you will be given an access code that you can use to connect to an interpreter on-demand 24/7/365. For ease of access, download our mobile app and connect to an interpreter in a click of a button.

Video Interpreting (VRI)

Video interpreters help you capture non-verbal communications and are a great solution when serving individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing through sign language(s). Volatia has simplified access to video interpreters to a click of a button. In the top right-hand corner of this website, click login or simply download our mobile app in the apple or google stores.

Virtual Platform Interpreting (VPI)

Virtual Interpreting refers to interpreter services provided through a 3rd party application such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc. and thus require a scheduled appointment with the interpreter. Simply contact us to create a work order and provide us a link. This service has become a standard for conferences or large events that require virtual interpreters.

Simultaneous Interpretation (STI)

Simultaneous interpretation is used in situations in which the interpreter and the person being interpreted speak simultaneously. When performed through a vertual platfrom, equipment fees and other event managment fees can be avoided. When the event is in-person, headphones, microphones, and a sound proof booth are necessary, allowing the interpreter to interpret and listen at the same time. This form of interpretation is generally used in conferences or large group settings.

Onsite Interpreting (OSI)

Onsite interpreting, also known as in-person or face-to-face interpreting, is when a language interpreter is scheduled to meet a client at a given location to bridge a language barrier. Volatia provides interpreters in-person in over 300 languages, including Sign Language(s). Schedule your next in-person interpreter with Volatia.

LEP Call-In Lines 

Volatia's technology empowers your Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients to access your services whenever they want. With an LEP Call-In line, your client will be able to connect to an interpreter of his or her native language first, and then connect to your staff.

Interpreter Managment Systems (terpX)

Unleash your team with terpX, the most user-friendly and comprehensive Interpreter management and scheduling platform. This proprietary technology is designed with purposeful automations for organizations that provide or manage interpreter services on demand.

Document Translation Solutions

The effort of translating your written materials demonstrates your commitment to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of your business relationships. Volatia can help you turn every written message into the language your customers understand.

Eligible Organizations

States Governments

State agencies, departments, and offices.

Local Governments

Independent, local governmental units (e.g., county, municipal, or township).

Special Districts

Independent special purpose government units.

Public Safety

Law inforcement, Fire Departments, and Emergency Medical Services.

911 Centers

Emergency Communications Centers (ECC).

K-12 Schools

Public, private, technical, and vocational schools systems and districs.

Colleges & Universities

Higher education institutions (public and private, including community colleges and universities).

Nonprofit Organizations

Any organization that does not operate for the purpose of making a profit for their owners.

Get Started

Thank you very much for contacting us. A member of our team will follow up soon.

Registration Process

To make purchases under this agreement, eligible agencies must first register with GovMVMT. Here's a simplified process to get started:

  1. Contact Us: complete this "Get Started" form to notify us of your participation interest.

  2. Implementation Meeting: a member of our team will contact you within one business day to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and implementation steps.

  3. GovMVMT Registration: As the contract administrator, GovMVMT requires that you also complete their online registration process to become a Participating Public Agency. This must be completed within 30 days of using Volatia services.

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