volatia language network

Set Up

Standard Set Up: Volatia assigns a local number to each facility or department in your organization. Your organization simply provides the number(s) to your LEP clients for use as needed.

Optional Set Up: Volatia provides the local number(s) fore each facility or department to your IT for them to use in your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phoney System. An example IVR menu might say something to the effect of "Thank you for calling XYZ. For English press1, for all othe languages press 2." The IVR system then routes the call to the number issued by Volatia.

Awareness Comapain

Once the LEP Call-In Lines are set up, we recommend that a formal communication be sent to all of to your existing LEP clients as part of your awareness compain. Many organizations have found it beneficial to do a press release  and and showcase this program to various media outlets as a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiative for the communities they serve.

Thereafter, it is a best practice to add your LEP Call-In Line number on your website and  any other marketing information that display your organization's contact information. 

How it works

When an LEP individual calls the the LEP line, he or she  will be able to connect to an interpreter of his or her native language first. The interpreter will greet the LEP caller and then then conference a member of your staff into the call. 

When your staff answers, the interpreter will introduce you to the LEP caller and begin interpreting the session. If no one answers the call to the facility or deparment the LEP caller wishes to reach, the interpreter can call as many other contacts as the LEP caller would like to try. 


A work order is generated each time a call is placed by an LEP individual to your organization. As soon as the interpreter connects, your organization will be invoiced for the call per minute at the rate established in our services agreement for phone interpreter services.

The billing starts when the intepreter connects to the call from the LEP individual and it ends when the LEP individual hangs up. A report of the call can be found in your terpX account at any time. 


LEP Call-In Lines 

With Volatia's technology, you can now empower your Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients to access your services whenever they want. With an LEP Call-In line, your client will be able to connect to an interpreter of his or her native language first, and then connect to your staff.