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Volatia provides professional language interpretation and translation services  throughout the state of Illinois. No matter where you are located in the Land of Lincoln, Volatia is uniquely capable of bridging all of your language and cultural barriers. The secret sauce is our proprietary technology, coupled with our vast network of qualified professional interpreters and translators.

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Among the many reasons to choose Volatia for your language access program, below are a few to consider:

    1. We support more than 280 languages ondemand. Simply download our mobile app or login our online portal to request or schedule your language needs or connect to an interpreter within seconds.

    2. We’re local. Volatia employs interpreters and translators in Chicago, Rockford, Aurora, Peoria, Springfield, Naperville, Champaign, and more.

    3. We’re always available. We offer 24/7 year-round support to all of Illinois. In addition to our phone and video interpreter services, you can also access onsite or in-person interpreters ondemand.

    4. We have a broad range of experience. We support some of Illinois’s most important industries, including healthcare, legal, government, finance, insurance, transportation, utilities, general businesses.

Volatia Language Access Solutions in Illinois

Language Interpretation and Translation Services in Illinois

The sixth largest state in terms of population, Illinois is the most populous state in the Midwest and Great Lakes Region.  Illinois has more than 12 million residents with over 5 million living in Cooks County, making it the second largest county in the United States.

Chicago, home to the Chicago Board of Trade, O’Hare International Airport, and The Magnificent Mile, houses more than 65 percent of the state's residents with more than 15 percent being considered a Limited English Proficient (LEP) individual.

With so much diversity it's important your business can fit the needs of all your customers.  Failing to deliver the required services and meeting the needs of your clients could hurt your business and reputation.

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Why Interpreters and Translators are needed in Illinois

Of course, many more languages are spoken in Illinois on a daily basis but these ones listed stand out due to the high demand  for interpretation and translation work orders that Volatia processes.

It is not surprising, given the rich diversity of Illinois, that more than 10 languages are highly prevalent throughout the state.

These languages are:

Top Languages Spoken in Illinois

  • French Creole

  • Polish

  • American Sign Language  - ASL

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