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Volatia is a leading provider of quality translation services in San Diego, CA. Volatia is uniquely capable of bridging all of your San Diego translation services. The secret sauce is our proprietary technology, coupled with our vast network of qualified professional interpreters and translators in San Diego.

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Among the many reasons to choose Volatia for your San Diego translation services, below are a few to consider:

1. We support more than 280 languages on demand. Simply download our mobile app or log in to our online portal to request or schedule your professional translation services or connect to an interpreter within seconds.

2. We’re local.  Volatia has a network of interpreters and translators in San Diego that are ready to give you the service you need quickly.

3. We’re always available. We offer 24/7 year-round support to all of San Diego. In addition to our phone and video interpreter services, you can also access onsite or in-person interpreters on demand. We also can handle any of your business' document translation needs.

4. We have a broad range of experience. We support some of San Diego's most important industries, including healthcare, legal, government, financial, insurance, transportation, utilities, general businesses.

Volatia Language Services in San Diego, CA

Why Interpreters and Translators are needed in San Diego, CA

San Diego has a population of about 1.4 million. It is the 8th most populated city in the US and the second most populated in California. With it being located about 15 miles from the Mexican border, nearly 66.1% of the San Diego population are Spanish speakers.

In addition to Spanish, there are some 13,000 speakers of various African languages, about 40,000 Chinese speakers, some 12,000 native Japanese speakers, and 14,000 Korean speakers. Several other languages are sprinkled all across the city, making it a very diverse and multicultural city for business.

Due to San Diego’s huge diversity, many individuals have very limited English proficiency. With this said, how will you meet the needs of your potential clients? This is where having professional interpreting and translation services come into play.

translation services in san diego

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  • In support of Title VI and Acknowledgement goals, an LADPSS office will be established to ensure that language assistance is provided to individuals who apply for and participate in CalWORKs.

  • Assuring that applicants and participants are accurately identified according to their primary language

  • actively recruiting and making a good faith effort to employ bilingual staff

  • ensuring that all interpreters are competent to interpret

  • Informing LEP applicants and participants of the availability of free language assistance and providing training to LADPSS public contact staff and managers on civil rights issues affecting LEP individuals.

Organizations Who Were Not Compliant

Given the rich diversity of San Diego, California, it is not surprising that over a dozen languages are highly prevalent throughout the state.

Here are the top 10 languages spoken in San Diego, CA:

Top Languages Spoken in San Diego, CA

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Certified Translation Services in San Diego

Volatia is committed to helping San Diego businesses operate effectively in any language and meet their global objectives through document translation services. Our team of experienced professional translators is specialized in the subject matter you need for each project, making Volatia a one-stop shop with every industry catered to!

Volatia provides document translation services that help companies be successful in operating anywhere they choose by translating documents into different languages.

Translation and Interpretation Services in San Diego

Volatia is San Diego’s area's go-to for translation and interpretation services. No matter what your need—simultaneous interpreters for an international conference, escort interpreter services to accommodate visitors from abroad or phone interpretation with a patient who speaks another language and wants to set up an appointment in advance using our service—count on us for quality interpreted communications that will ensure you feel confident about any interaction!