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Volatia is a leading provider of quality translation services in Orlando, FL. Volatia is uniquely capable of bridging all of your Orlando translation and interpretation services. The secret sauce is our proprietary technology, coupled with our vast network of qualified professional interpreters and translators in Orlando.

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Among the many reasons to choose Volatia for your translation services in Orlando, FL, below are a few to consider:

1. We support more than 280 languages on demand. Simply download our mobile app or log in to our online portal to request or schedule your professional translation services or connect to an interpreter within seconds.

2. We’re local.  Volatia has a network of professional translators and interpreters in Orlando, FL that are ready to give you the service you need quickly.

3. We’re always available. We offer 24/7 year-round support to all of Orlando. In addition to our phone and video interpreter services, you can also access onsite or in-person interpreters on demand. We also can handle any of your business' document translation needs.

4. We have a broad range of experience. We support some of Orlando's most important industries, including healthcare, legal, government, financial, insurance, transportation, utilities, general businesses.

Volatia Language Services in Orlando, FL

Why Interpreters and Translators are needed in Orlando, FL

Orlando is the county seat of Orange County, in central Florida, and is the third-largest metropolitan area in the State. The city beautiful, as it was nicknamed, attracts about 72 million tourists per year, while its population hardly reaches 300,000. Disney World and Universal studios being the main attractions.

The most common foreign language spoken in Orlando, is Spanish (17%), followed by Haitian Creole (2%), then Portuguese (1.3%), and finally Arabic (1%).

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Universal Orlando Resort had an issue back in 2018 about a Guatemalan man with heart issues, dying minutes after riding on Skull Island. A wrongful death lawsuit was filed contesting that warning signs were written in English only.

From the 72 million people who visit Orlando and its park themes, more than six million don't speak English. Also, many Puerto Ricans who fled to Florida from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, are not proficient in English, as Puerto Rico schools teach Spanish as the primary language. More than 200,000 Puerto Ricans live in Orange County.

Organizations Who Were Not Compliant

  • Spanish

  • Haitian French Creole

  • Portuguese

  • Arabic


Top Languages Spoken in Orlando, FL
Given the rich diversity of Orlando, Florida, it is not surprising that four (4) languages are highly prevalent throughout the state.

These languages are:

Top Languages Spoken in Orlando, FL

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Document Translation Service in Orlando, Florida

Volatia is committed to helping Orlando businesses operate effectively in multiple languages and meet their global objectives through our certified translation services. Our team of experienced professional translators is specialized in the subject matter you need for each project, making Volatia a one-stop shop with every industry catered to!

Volatia provides document translations that help companies be successful in operating anywhere they choose by translating documents into different languages. We provide quality language services for any language and industry. 

Interpretation and Translation Services in Orlando, Florida

Volatia is the go-to for your Orlando translation and interpretation services. No matter what your need—simultaneous interpreters for an international conference, escort interpreter services to accommodate visitors from abroad or phone interpretation with a patient who speaks another language and wants to set up an appointment in advance using our service—count on us for quality interpreted communications that will ensure you feel confident about any interaction!