Language Interpretation and Translation Services in Atlanta, GA

Volatia is a leading provider of professional language interpretation and translation services throughout the Southern United States, including Georgia’s capital city, Atlanta. Regardless of where you are located in “the capital of the South”, Volatia is uniquely capable of bridging all of your language and cultural barriers. The secret sauce is our proprietary technology, coupled with our vast network of qualified professional interpreters and translators.

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Among the many reasons to choose Volatia for your language access program, below are a few to consider:

   1. We support more than 280 languages ondemand. Simply download our mobile app or login our online portal to request or schedule your language needs or connect to an interpreter within seconds.

   2. We’re local. Volatia employs interpreters and translators in all of Georgia including Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, and the surrounding areas.

   3. We’re always available. We offer 24/7 year-round support to all of Atalanta. In addition to our phone and video interpreter services, you can also access onsite or in-person interpreters ondemand.

   4. We have a broad range of experience. We support some of Atlanta's most important industries, including healthcare, legal, government, finance, insurance, transportation, utilities, general businesses.

Volatia Language Access Solutions in Atlanta, GA

Why Interpreters and Translators are needed in Atlanta, GA

A great number of Atlanta residents speak a language other than English. According to the US Census, 17% of the Atlanta metro area population age five and over speaks a language other than English at home. That is around 82,000 Atlanta residents. Over 34,000 Atlanta residents have been born outside of the United States and most if not all speak the language of their motherland. With these great quantities of residents who speak a language other than English, comes a great need for interpretation and translation services in many different fields such as education, medical, commercial, legal, and more.

There is a great diversity of culture in Atlanta, Georgia. Hence, it is no surprise that many different languages are being spoken in Atlanta homes. According to the U.S. Census, there are at least 146 different languages that are spoken in Atlanta. There are languages with great quantities of speakers such as Spanish with over 19,000 native speakers in Atlanta. There are also languages with smaller quantities such as Swahili with over 4,000 speakers. Volatia supports more than 280 languages on demand to cover the needs of Limited-English Proficient individuals and the organizations that provide them their services regardless of the field they are in.

Accessible interpretation and translation services are not only needed by Limited English Proficient individuals (LEPs) but they are also required by law for many fields. Many organizations have found themselves the subject of federal investigation due to not providing these services which are considered a form of discrimination. This has happened not only with organizations but even with states as well.

Such was the case with the state of Georgia. On March 14, 2011, the state of Georgia was found liable for discrimination because it did not provide appropriate mental health services for deaf individuals. It was found that the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities had not used any part of their funding to provide ASL interpretation to deaf individuals which made it impossible for the Deaf to benefit from the services they provided. This was considered discrimination since it denied the ASL users equal access to mental health services. The court found “that the state has discriminated against the Deaf in its funding of public mental health services” and it required the state to make those services accessible also to the Deaf. This is possible by providing interpretation services. By providing interpretation and translation services not just to the Deaf but also to speakers of other languages, organizations have respected others’ civil rights.

Organizations Who Where Not Compliant

Given the rich diversity of Atlanta, it is not surprising that three languages are highly prevalent throughout the city.

These languages are:

Top Languages Spoken in Atlanta, GA