Language Interpretation and Translation Services in Raleigh, NC

Volatia is a leading provider of professional language interpretation and translation services throughout North Carolina, including its capital city, Raleigh. Regardless of at what point in the City of Oaks you’re located, Volatia is uniquely capable of bridging all of your language and cultural barriers. The secret sauce is our proprietary technology, coupled with our vast network of qualified professional interpreters and translators.

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Among the many reasons to choose Volatia for your language access program, below are a few to consider:

   1. We support more than 280 languages ondemand. Simply download our mobile app or login our online portal to request or schedule your language needs or connect to an interpreter within seconds.

   2. We’re local. Volatia employs interpreters and translators in all of North Carolina including Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro and all of the surrounding areas.

   3. We’re always available. We offer 24/7 year-round support to all of Raleigh, NC. In addition to our phone and video interpreter services, you can also access onsite or in-person interpreters ondemand.

   4. We have a broad range of experience. We support some of Raleigh's most important industries, including healthcare, legal, government, finance, insurance, transportation, utilities, general businesses.

Volatia Language Access Solutions in Raleigh, NC

Why Interpreters and Translators are needed in Raleigh, NC

A great amount of Raleigh’s residents speak a language other than English. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 99 languages other than English are spoken in Raleigh. 21 of those languages have over 1,000 speakers each, some even several thousands. Hence, there is a great need of interpretation and translation services throughout the city.

Around 13% of the population of Raleigh, over 59,000 residents, is foreign-born. Many of these continue to speak the language of their homeland. The three most common birthplaces for foreign-born North Carolina residents are Mexico, India, and Honduras. Two of these being Spanish-speaking countries, it is no surprise that the language other than English with most speakers in Raleigh is Spanish.

Other languages with great quantities of speakers in the city are Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, and Vietnamese. It is no wonder that the Wake County school district is one of the two school districts in North Carolina with the highest number of English learners, Raleigh being in Wake County. According to the Migration Policy Institute, just in the Wake County schools there are over 13,000 English learners. Many of the parents of these students require interpretation and translation services. 

These services are not only essential in the education sphere but also in the medical, legal, and economic sphere as well as in many other areas. Volatia is adequately prepared to provide qualified interpretation and translation services that are accessible to you 24/7 for any one of these spheres.

Organizations who do not provide accessible interpretation and translation services can find themselves the subject of investigations. Such was the case with the North Carolina Department of Commerce. On September 26, 2016, the interpretation and translation services they offered were found greatly deficient and in some areas completely lacking. Many of the services that the North Carolina Department of Commerce provides were only provided in English and many important documents were not translated, making it impossible for LEP persons to access these services.

This investigation was carried out by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Civil Rights Center. This center found that the North Carolina Department of Commerce was not complying with the requirements found in Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. According to this law, federally funded institutions are obligated to provide LEP (limited English proficient) persons with accessible interpretation and translation services.

In order to comply, the North Carolina Department of Commerce agreed to correct the deficiencies in their interpretation and translation access procedures. They now provide easy access to these services to all LEP persons. There is no doubt that the over 430,000 LEP North Carolina residents have benefited from this agreement. These LEP residents are also in need of interpretation and translation when accessing other services, whether medical, legal, educational, commercial, or others. Volatia provides 24/7 year-round access to interpretation and translation services that can cover your interpretation needs.

Organizations Who Where Not Compliant

It is not surprising, given the rich diversity of Raleigh, North Carolina, that 6 languages are highly prevalent throughout the state.

These languages are:

Top Languages Spoken in Raleigh, NC