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Unpacking the Volatia Affiliate Toolkit

Part 1: 3 Ways to Leverage Mobile Applications for The Language Access Industry

By: Candace Bazile | Volatia -

You started a language services business because you’re a bilingual change agent with a technology-forward attitude toward helping people overcome language barriers.

You know something about the faster, easier connectivity that mobile applications deliver at a reduced cost, but you need more than a little knowledge about mobile applications for the language access industry. You need ways to leverage the power of the mobile application revolution to lead the way through change.

Embracing Industry Disruptions with Mobile Applications

Despite positive projections for the industry, the number of interpreters today is down 6.7% from 2012, as the need for interpreters, translators, and interpreter platforms continues to increase by as much as 29% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Adding fuel to the fire, the ongoing impact of the pandemic has disrupted the industry beyond projections, uncovering an even greater need for flexible interpreters.

Overnight, health and human services agencies have been forced to move away from onsite interpretation as their primary means of administering services to people with limited English proficiency (LEP).

As a result, they’re using language services providers (LSPs) that provide their clients with mobile applications to deliver contact-free, scalable, on-demand, over-the-phone, and video remote interpreter services (OPI & VRI), to aid increasingly isolated LEP patients and clients of medical and government agencies, currently comprising 80% of the interpretation clientele today.

If you’re an LSP looking to gain some of the nearly 1000% increase in OPI & VRI profits, you need to provide a mobile application experience that suits the emergency needs of the times and distinguishes your brand from other LSPs doing the same thing.

Volatia Language Network, Inc. (Volatia) has mastered three critical ways that the convenience and power of mobile technology is used to boost quality assurance and customer satisfaction. We’re so sure that it will give future Volatia affiliates a competitive advantage, we added our mobile application tool to the Volatia Affiliate Toolkit.

#1 White Label Experience

Volatia added an advantage-packed, mobile app solution to the Volatia Affiliate Toolkit, with you in mind. Volatia affiliate LSPs enjoy a white label mobile app solution, which delivers the advanced ordering automation of terpX™, our cloud-based, leading edge, interpreter management and workflow automation platform, specifically designed for the language access industry.

Our white-label mobile app strategically displays your logo on its user-friendly interface, giving you the ability to promote your brand and make good on your brand promises of quality, even though you’re using a Volatia-powered technology as a member of a resource-sharing network.

Technology becomes your equalizer. Your clients and their LEP customers will never get confused by co-branding or mismatched messaging. They will effectively see you as the owner and distributor of the mobile app’s core functionality and benefits that build and backup your reputation for accessibility and adaptability. When it’s time to re-bid a contract, your clients will identify you as a tech-ready service provider who is already ahead of the industry curve.

You’ll also save time logging and approving interpreter assignments, which means you’ll save money.

#2 Connected to terpX™

As the recipient of the advanced ordering automation of terpX, our cloud-based, leading edge, interpreter management and workflow automation platform, Volatia affiliates can automate all interpreter workflows including interpreter certifications and qualifications, client invoicing, interpreter payments, quality and privacy audits, custom reporting, and more.

Engineered by an LSP for LSPs, we precision-tuned terpX to function as the

the interconnected foundation of mobile services, industry best practices, and cloud-based technology to give LSPs and clients complete end-to-end access to scheduling, accounting, auditing, and reporting functions. Using our mobile app, affiliate LSPs can:

  • Automate access to our network of 18,000+ on-demand interpreters, supporting more than 280 languages 24/7/365.

  • Enable your interpreters to work remotely from home or anywhere in the world. Add your interpreters as the primary resources for phone and/or video requests coming from your clients.

  • Cut waste by having unlimited users with role-specific permissions that you choose.

  • Allow your clients to increase productivity by managing their language needs from any internet-powered device, making it possible for both interpreters and requesters to collaborate seamlessly.

#3 Enhanced Appointment Scheduling and Approval

Volatia’s affiliate LSPs and their clients use our mobile app to access a set of streamlined, automated assignment workflow management tools and processes. Through the app, your clients will be able to use a synchronized calendar feature to view or send work order notices and conduct appointment management.

If you’re striving to be a competitive LSP, a mobile application will help you respond to client needs and demands in real-time. Mobile technology improves service delivery under heightened social restraints as it protects and builds your brand integrity.

To help you achieve this, Volatia’s mobile app is the solution that accelerates brand management, cloud-based connectivity to powerful interpreter management tools, and real-time appointment scheduling and workflow management.

Volatia’s “power of singularity,” the attribute that makes us unique, is the way our affiliate network is structured. Your own white-labeled mobile application is just the beginning. When you join our network as an affiliate, you will gain a strategy for scalability designed to address all aspects of business operations through a resource-sharing business model that drives cost savings.

We invite you to fully vet us against other options available in the market. You’ll see the leverage you can have as an affiliate in this thriving ecosystem of LSPs.


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