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Volatia Interpreter Rover

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With the evolution of our healthcare system to a patient-centered model of care and the emphasis on patient engagement, it is more important than ever to make sure our deaf or Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals can communicate with their practitioners during diagnosis, treatment, and management of their healthcare issues. How can you quickly bring in an interpreter that has the correct medical interpreting skills and is available when and where needed?


The Volatia Interpreter Rover is a non-powered, lightweight, easy-to-push-and-position, multi-functional cart that can quickly and easily be moved to the patient's point of care. When a deaf or LEP patient is in need, remote video interpreters are easily accessed avoiding the typical travel wait time that is required for a face-to-face interpreter or the challenges involved with only having access to a phone-based interpreter.


• Can be quickly positioned to access a video interpreter eliminating the time lost when an interpreter travels to the point of care.

• Enables tablets to tilt 60 degrees, horizontal pan 180 degrees, rotation around the axis of 360 degrees which means LEP patients can see the interpreter even if they require a different orientation of the tablet.

• Deaf or LEP patients can access remote video interpreters in a timely fashion providing a better patient experience, more accurate diagnosis, treatment plans, and improved outcomes.

• Avoid prescheduling and block time purchasing with on-demand video interpreter services.


• Premium Quality Materials

• Modern & Elegant Aesthetics

• Built for heavy repeated use in high-traffic healthcare environments

• Quick & easy to position into place.

• Lockable tablet bracket with tilt/pan/rotate range of motion

• Bracket head adjustable between 9.7” - 12.9”

• 90° adjustable 11” articulating arm for over-the-bed reach and on-the-fly height adjustment

• Integrated pole channel for cable management

• Onboard power box to secure tablet power adapter & extension cord

• Integrated cord wrap

• Anodized aluminum joints

• Whisper-quiet lockable wheels

• Quick & easy to disinfect (cleaning instructions available)

• Accessories available (work surface, supply caddy, external speaker, etc.)

• Assembled in Canada to ISO 9001:2015 standards

• Serialized for easier inventory management control

• 5 Year Warranty

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