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A New Name for Interpreter Innovation

By: Candace Bazile | Volatia -

VIMS, Volatia’s cloud-based platform, delivering custom interpreter management at a granular level, is now terpX.™ Our clients won’t miss a beat, configuring their own interpreter user profiles to accommodate specific preferences, by location, gender, certifications, and 280+ languages.

The terpX platform was built to handle much more. We’re expanding the way we communicate the power of our technology to tackle the stresses customers and Language Service Providers (LSP) alike experience across the language industry. Despite positive projections for the industry, there are fewer interpreters today than in 2012 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Work demand is on the rise, challenging LSPs to continuously improve interpreter scheduling and coordination to cover new, larger, and more complex business opportunities.

With the uptick in business comes the need for scalability that leverages the use of on-demand talent. The terpX platform represents Volatia’s deep understanding of what clients want. It’s a toolkit of integrated systems and best practices that delivers:

  • A seamless, easy-to-use UX interface

  • Access to a national network of 18,000+ interpreters (You won't get this with a leading software solution alone)

  • The broadest capacity for complex appointment scheduling and coordination

  • The ability to offer clients a flexible, scalable, billing structure

  • Accounting and auditing compliance support

  • Expansive custom reporting by interpreter, amount of spend, by language, and by location

  • The ability to predict language trends or foresee language demands in a particular geographic area

  • A Calendar View for interpreters and clients that lets them view all Interpreter bookings by month, week, and day

  • A Work Planner feature that enables LSPs and interpreters to manage Interpreter working hours

The terpX secret sauce is our advanced workflow automation that supports Contact Center reliability. Nothing’s changed. We’re certain of the platform’s expanding value because we built it expressly for the language access industry; we use it, and we resell it to other LSPs.

TerpX is configured to support an unlimited number of users that perform complex ordering and tiered billing from multiple cost centers. Under the new brand name our clients will continue to enjoy scaling operations by tapping into our network of 18,000+ interpreters across the country, using mobile or web access to fill interpreter work orders, in-person, over-the-phone, and by remote video, 24/7/365.

Over the winter months, Volatia will create digital experiences that drive customer engagement across the Internet, to introduce terpX to exciting markets, both traditional and new! Our goal is to make "terpX brand believers" by demonstrating to LSPs and clients, that terpX is an intuitive, turnkey, interpreter scheduling and coordination platform, leveraging the muscle of MS Azure architecture to help them fill more assignments from their current clients and go after bigger accounts while saving as much as 50% on the cost of operations.

With the new name comes the assurance that our mission to bridge linguistic and cultural barriers can also enhance interpreter operations across the globe. Volatia brings equity and inclusion to Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals through technology innovation.


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