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Why Join a Language Network?

By Candace Bazile | Volatia -

In most industries, economies of scale refer to the cost advantages that companies enjoy by scaling operations on-demand. The Volatia network is growing precisely because we've built a cost-sharing model that thrives as it expands.

If you're a growing language company, looking for ways to enhance your service offerings and measure your output by a decrease in your buy rates and an increase in your bill rates, the Volatia network is a sustainable ecosystem of industry talent that's worth your serious consideration.

When you become an affiliate partner of Volatia Language Network, Inc., you're joining a community of language service providers, connected by terpX™ a cloud-based interpreter scheduling and workflow management platform that delivers the most advanced workflow automation in the industry. That means we've mastered automated appointment scheduling, to push your assignments out to your virtual, contract staff, first and on-demand.

When your staff is busy or offline, your unanswered orders that might have been missed in the past, are circulated to the second tier of available interpreters who populate the Volatia network, 24/7/365. As a member of this network, you are still paid for the completed assignments, even when you had no staff out of your own stable to take calls or respond remotely on video.

The Volatia network also provides the benefits of shared talent recruitment, vetting, training, and continuing education for interpreters and translators. In the past, you may not have had the time or the financial resources to continuously recruit and screen ready-to-work talent. With Volatia, you will share recruitment, vetting, and training tasks with other LSPs in the Volatia network, to ensure that there is an on-demand pool of interpreters and translators available to complete your assignments when new business is slow or racing at breakneck speed.

There are fiercely competitive reasons to browse our LSPs page, but none more critical than the singularity of purpose and the cost savings of 10 to 50% you will experience just by tapping into the power reservoir that is inherent in our collective.

Whether you're looking to start, grow, or advance your successful language company, Volatia has carefully considered every aspect of what you need to be an industry leader, measured by your results, not our promises. We'll be showcasing what makes the Volatia network stand, head, and shoulders, above other operational models. This is an open-ended invitation and a hardy welcome to the Volatia Network!


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